11 November 2006

"We Support Our Troops"

Usually found as part of a yellow ribbon magnet on the back of the duty minivan/SUV...well folks, here's chance to put some meat behind those words. Between now and 11 Nov, the MilBlogging community is soliciting/gathering funds for the Valour-IT project. What is Valour IT and is it legit? Well from CSA's site:

The genesis of the project was an Army Captain, Chuck Ziegenfuss, who had been MilBlogging before he was wounded in an IED attack, and discussions with Beth, another blogger and plain old American citizen and school teacher with a heart to do something, from Fuzzilicious Thinking, who put their heads together and kicked this off. It’s a testimony about those who complain vs. those who just get it done. Beth and Soldier’s Angels have now supplied, with the generocity of people from around the world, over 500 laptops. Quite an accomplishment for not working this program for even two years. If you’re not familiar with this project, here is the link to the site where you can find the legitimacy, the history, who is supporting this program in the business world, and testimonies, as well as the link to donate.

Here's a chance to reach out and make a direct difference in a wounded serviceman/woman's life -- one who has given their all for us in the War on Terror. Will you help?
This post will be kept at the top of this site through 11 Nov.
(h/t CSA)