12 November 2006

Project Valour-IT Veteran's Day '06 Campaign: It's a Wrap

Well, the 2nd annual Veteran's Day blogathon for Valour-IT is complete, with just the non-designated donations and those sent by snail still to be counted. The goal of $180K overall was exceeded and am hearing via the grapevine that maybe final contributions may exceed $210K. Three out of the 4 teams met their goals with Navy across the finish line first (Mike, check your email...). The real winners though are the injured servicemen and women who will be the beneficiaries of the 200+ laptops that will be purchased and delivered.

Special thanks to all who contributed, no matter the team, and a hearty Bravo Zulu to Curt @ CSN for leading Team Navy's efforts; Cassandra for Team Marines, BlackFive for Team Army and OP-FOR for Team Air Force. Well done all!

One Team, One Fight.