08 November 2006

Vote -- But Don't Forget Valour-IT

So -- go vote today, let the blogsphere/media hyper-focus on every jot/tittle/nuance of this micro-trend or that and await the divisions of lawyers to be deployed in the expected post-election challenges.

Because on Nov 12th there still will be a Marine in Balboa missing a hand;
A Soldier in Brooke Army Hospital with an amputated arm;
A Sailor in Bethesda suffering partial paralysis and an Airman in Walter Reed missing both hands...

You see, the sound and fury of the electoral tide's partisanship rises and falls -- it smashes with fury on the shore one day and the next, is quiet; yet the needs of our wounded remain.

So by all means, go -- vote, exercise that precious right and duty. Discuss the results, hail the victories and mourn the losses;

Just don't forget our troops -- Project Valour IT rolls on and your contribution is needed.

Update: *WOW* I. am. stunned. and. near. speechless.

Talk about turning to -- you guys are the best! From last at ~17K this AM to first at ~$31K this afternoon, you have leapfrogged the competition! Best news is that overall, we have busted through last year's total which is fantastic news for the folks who will be gaining use of more laptops. Special kudos to enrevanche -- jump over here to see what I mean. FbL will absolutely be floored when returning to action here (bet Curt is picking his jaw up off the deck -- you know Mike is!) Let's keep pressing -- I'm throwing some more in the jar!
P.S. Mike --> deck = floor ;)