11 November 2006

Flightdeck Friday: Fight's On -- Junior Service Accepts Challenge

Project Valour-IT Update

Mike over at No Angst Zone has picked up the gauntlet and dares to think the Junior Service can prevail. Ha! He even tries to resurrect that phony test off VA Capes. Remember that? The one where not only the targets were, well, you know, "fixed". Afterall, when they had to go against a real target that could maneuver (and fire back) when it counted at Midway, how many of the Combined Fleet went down to the bombs of the B-17's and their vaunted Norden bombsight? Oh yeah, 'bout the same result as where Team Zoomie will stand when the smoke clears on the 11th, zip, zero, nada. So we're a little behind -- we've got them right where we want them.

So, ahem, folks, take a good look at the standings in the box over there on the port side (left for 'wogs) and pitch a fin or two (or two dozen) into the jar. It is for a very worthy cause.

Besides, you *really* don't want to have to read about some prissy, no real tailhookin' airplane on these pages on the 17th -- right fellas? Right...?