11 November 2006

Project Valour-IT – 8 Nov Update

OK folks, we’re in the home stretch. Two or so days to go and overall we’re still shy of the $180K goal.

If you are one of the folks who have contributed – bless you and thank you. You have made a marked change in someone’s life for the better. Would you consider another donation? Any size? Skip the Starbucks; brown-bag a lunch vice hitting the deli; tell your friends/ officemates/clubs -- and make one more donation, how about it? $5 here, $10 there and soon another laptop for a wounded serviceman/woman’s use.

If you haven’t – why are you still reading this? Look, over there to the left (portside) hit the button and donate. Team Navy’s done well you say? Well, yeah, except we aren’t at 100% yet – either as a team or as a Project. If you’re feeling a little Joint love, go on over and add to the Marines’ or Army’s total instead. Even Air Force – no, wait, we’ve got something good lined up for them instead, right Mike?

All kidding aside folks, we have just 48 hours to go the last 35% of the way to the $180K goal. Let’s get back on glide slope so we can make a ball call with confidence Friday! Remember -- everyone wins here.