16 November 2006

Catching Up

While the Project Valour-IT drive was underway, YHS held fast on posting other material in order to ensure the campaign received the attention it so richly deserves (and again, a multitude of thanks for all who contributed and supported the campaign). Now that it is over, there is some unattended business to address. So (in no particular order):

1. Flightdeck Friday: You may recall a certain wager made and won/lost (depending on your POV). Well, we're going to modify that some, even though Navy soundly thrashed the junior service's team. In the spirit of the campaign ("One Team, One Fight") this Friday YHS will go ahead and post the write-up for a land-loving, non-tailhook (and oy, this one really doesn't have one) plane that was of Mike's choosing -- the B-52, aka BUFF. He in turn, will be posting a write-up on a real, Navy aircraft of note that was YHS' choice. Sorry, you'll just have to hop over there this weekend to see (and no, it isn't the mighty war Hummer). So, we'll have some fun and interesting factoids tomorrow re. BUFF, including entries from the personal archives. Stay tuned...

2. The Election: ...but then again, what hasn't been said 'cept it is "put up or shut up" time on both sides of the aisle.

3. Kitty Hawk vs the Chinese sub: ASW is not a pick-up game. You truly go to war in this realm with what is on the table and folks, we are sorely lacking. What was (maybe) true 16 long years ago is not the case today. 'Phibian delivers a bucket of cold water and I agree. Sure, the Chinese aren't ten feet tall, but they aren't midgets either. They learn (sometimes via a windfall) and have their eye on the long game. Anti-access is the game and the Chinese are learning from the Russians what worked and what didn't. There is much more that can be written on this topic -- watch this space for regular postings on this AOR.