09 September 2006

The 2996 Project: Colin Arthur Bonnett

"Manners and a Motorcycle: In Memory of Colin Arthur Bonnett"

Age: 39
Residence: New York, NY, United States
Occupation: telecommunications programmer, Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Location: World Trade Center

Colin Bonnett was a gentleman -- a Harley-Davidson-riding, bodybuilder sort of gentleman. Born in Barbados, he had been raised with Caribbean good manners that said that a door was always to be opened for a lady and that her chair should be pulled out when she sat. He also had deep empathy for animals, and had recently rescued a stray kitten that had been wandering around his family's home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He had an adventurous streak that put him on horseback with his 10-year- old son, Kody, on most weekends, or on his motorcycle. He pushed himself hard with a physical fitness regimen that included weight lifting, jogging, countless situps and no junk food. Ever. Colin's natural graces helped get him his job at Marsh & McLennan, where he was a telecommunications programmer. In the early 1990's he had been working as an assistant to a Manhattan veterinarian and was about to lose his job because the doctor was closing his practice. One of the customers was a Marsh executive who invited Mr. Bonnett, 39, to fill out an application. He was transferred to the World Trade Center by the company only a few months before the attack... (From the New York TIMES)

Others remembrances:

  • Lou Scorza: I did not know Colin, but my wife and I met his mother, Julia, at the last night of the Tribute in Lights, here in NYC in April. I remember she was just sitting on a bench, alone in her thoughts. We started speaking, and she related her story of that morning, and the horror and pain she and her family felt then and still feel everyday. Colin had a wife and son. It is evident in our conversations with Julia what a fine young man Colin was. I think of him often, and of his family. Julia is a wonderful woman who under the most horrible circumstances conducts herself with a dignity and grace possessed by very few people. May Colin and all the other victims of that day rest in eternal peace, and may God grant solace to the families. God Bless America.
  • Harold Boyce: I knew Colin personally. Even tho' I had not been in contact with him in a number of years, news of this awful day and his death still naughs at my heart. I walked Colin to school on many a mornings from his home in Rock Hall, St Thomas, Barbados, to the St.Thomas Boys'School. May the blessings of God be always with the family. Colin,enjoy the Angels until we get there. Keep our place warm, for we shall surely meet again someday.To his wife and son, tho' I have never met you, you will always be on my heart and in my prayers. God Bless, And God Bless America.
  • Wade Gill: I can vaguely remember Colin as a youngster, a little younger than me growing up in Barbados in the early 70's, I knew his immediate family really well (great folk). I can't imagine what he went through in that crumbling building on September 11, just the thought of it bring tears to my eyes, "what a sacrifice" My heart go out to his family and all the love ones he left behind.
  • Ken Brandeis: I am of a similar age and had one child, similar to Colin. I just had a second and chose the name, Colin, because I wanted my son to help to continue the memory of those victimized on September 11. My heart goes out to Colin's family.
  • William: I knew Colin casually through work. I heard through other co-workers that Colin passed away while helping others escape. I can not put words to my admiration of such a hero
  • Mary Anne Prevost: Colin, you made the world a better place.