04 September 2006

Another Dip in the Pool of Hypocrisy

In line with this article from earlier this summer, (ed: note especially the part about CAIR’s initiative being praised in going a long way toward improving the image of Islam and Muslims, which has been 'badly dented in part due to the events of Sept. 11, 2001' ), the Hypocritic Excuses Machine (tm) is cranking up prepatory to the 5th anniversay of the 9/11 attacks. Consider:
  • Washington Post's front page article today that tries to put a postive spin on the Muslim Students Association (despite this group's long-standing record of connections to terrorism and sponsorship of hate messages)

  • A Reuter's article that contains this gem:
    • Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, speaks for many when he complains that officials including President George W. Bush use terms such as "Islamo-fascism" to describe the militant threat. They say such terms are inflammatory and liken their faith to dictatorships. "This type of thing really hurts," said Elahi, an Iranian-born Shi'ite religious leader. (ed: Gee, think it hurts as bad as an airliner slamming into an office building? No? May be it almost hurts as much as being trapped on the upper floors of a skyscraper, slowly burning to death? I know, it hurts almost as much as having a building collapse on you when you are trying to rescue those who were trapped.)

  • Of course, the usual useful idiots are tossing their hat into the ring, gratis, declaring Muslims to be the new Jews (honestly, I don't make this up).
I suppose one shouldn't be surprised at the rising tide of wailing victimhood -- afterall, there is such a large number of anti-Islamic hate crimes in this country; 156 incidents according to the FBI in 2004 (latest set of statisitcs released). Of course that compares to 954 anti-Jewish and 95 anti-Christian incidents during the same timeframe. And for a little more perspective, 2,731 anti-black incidents.

The motivation here isn't to be just snarky -- that's easy enough to do given the tool that certain individuals and organizations readily put themselves up to be. Rather, it is to make sure the battleground is well known and that there are no uninvolved parties standing on the sidelines.

To all the self-proclaimed moderate Muslims -- where is the Million Man (Ok, Hundred Thousand Man; Thousand Man???) march that explicitly condemns UBL? Hiz'ballah? Suicide bombings? Repression of women? Butchering of hostages? Thought so -- instead we get this, this and this (the last wraps back to the MSA).

You are either with us or against us -- there is no middle ground, no moral equivalency.