03 November 2006

Open Challenge to Zoomie Mike (for Project Valour-IT)

Update (3 Nov): Crickets...all I'm hearin' are crickets...not up to the challenge? ;)

OK, guess it’s throw down time. Something isn’t kosher when the Navy is trailing the bus men in blue, so here goes.

Open challenge to Mike over at No Angst Zone — if Team USAF is ahead of Team Navy after the final reckoning on 11 Nov, then the following Friday (17 Nov), my Flightdeck Friday post will be devoted to a (gag) scummy, prissy, no *real* tailhookin’ USAF/USAAF/Air Corps plane, your choice. I’ll give it the full treatment the real aircraft get on the regular Flightdeck Fridays.

Of course, should the tables be reversed (don’t leave me hanging here folks) I’ll ask the same for your Tarmac Saturday the w/end after the 11th. What sayest thou -- 20mm @ Angels 25 on mother's 270 for 35? Fight’s On…