03 August 2006

Weekend Flight Plan

OK, so here's the line-up for this w/end:

Flightdeck Friday -- what can YOU do with 4300 hp worth of radial engine? A plane only Tim Allen could love is up for tomorrow's posting...

Saturday -- We hear again from Hobbes and his buddy and for good measure, with all the Tomcat sunset stories making the rounds, your humble scribe dredges one up from the distant past (hint: If you're an ex-Pukin' Dog you will wince...)

Sunday -- well, shoot, that's more 'n 48 hours off and when have you ever known Air Ops craft an airplan out that remained current for more than one cycle ;)

In the meantime, check these out:

  • Lex has a sea story from a former Phantom Phixer w/tales from the 'Po
  • The Phibian points up an interesting take on a possible bio-weapon, but if not, certainly is a sad commentary on institutionalized ignorance.
  • Chaotic Synapses points out an excellent effort to remember our fallen shipmates and countrymen for the upcoming 5th anniversary of 9/11. If you want to participate, sign up here.
  • Deus et Patria povides his favorite bombers (and yes, even though your humble scibe had wings of gold vice lead, they number on his list as well).
  • And over at the Wood Shed, there is this reminder that the Tomcat isn't the only flight deck denizen headed over the hill.
Gotta scoot -- just got my "Charlie"