28 August 2006

Reflections on the Upcoming 5th Anniversary of 9/11

Folks, we're two weeks out and the vermin and carrion eaters are crawling out from the shadows. On the one hand, you have those who wouldn't mind another 9/11 if in the aftermath their political agenda is met. So a few innocents get off'd in the process, well, you know, it's "All For The Greater Good." Retch.

Then there's that bellwhether of considered thought and voice of reason -- you know, the BBC? Their plan? Well, check it out for yourself (h/t to the Phibian for smoking this one out -- look for "A Very American Witchhunt").

Pushing the above aside, there is, I think, a way we can remember this date in a manner giving due to those who were lost that terrible day. Go here (2996 project). Sign-up -- there are less than 103 names left to sign up for. Don't give publicity to the ones who planned and executed this evil event -- time's enough elsewhere to do so. Let's remember instead those who have left us and the ones that were left behind (the injured, the families and friends). (Update 29 Aug -- the 2996th name was claimed yesterday.)

Mind you, I'm not saying or advocating to forget -- I never shall. The day prior, I shall post my recollection from ground zero at the Pentagon, but the 11th is reserved for Collin Arthur Bonnett (NYC -- World Trade Center) and my shipmates from N513 and N3N5 and will be spent in quiet prayer and reflection.

What are your plans?