10 August 2006

Bring it on!

GM to produce the Camaro as a 2009 model. Full story here.

Seems like the 60's again -- an embattled President embroiled in an insurgent war, a poltical party (Democrats) bent on self destruction over anti-war issues, hemlines up, etc. And here, 40 (??!!) years later, the return of the muscle car wars looms on the horizon as GM *finally* gets off its duff and (again) rolls out the Camaro to take on the original Pony car.

Now mind you, the Scribe is an inveterate Mustang fan (well, 'cept for the Mustang II, but then the 70's sucked anyway as far as Detroit iron goes) and he'd sooner buy Hillary a drink than drive a Chubbie. That said, competition improves the breed. Camaro in '08 as an '09 model, Dodge w/the Challenger and on our side, looks like a Boss for '08 (w/rumours of a 5.0L n.a. engine) and a body update for '09.

Yep, all that's needed now is for the Trans Am series to be re-juvenated; Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger, I can smell the burning high octane now-- Game on!