21 August 2006

Powerpoint Riposte

Your humble scribe is back from TDY to the land of real mountains and clear air -- but a land also infected with the blot of PPT-itis. Alas, he returns to the epicenter of all that is malodorous about this infliction from Redmond, to find his classified and unclassified email boxes packed to the gills with -- you guessed it, more PPT briefs. Taking the prize was the 87mb, 112 page magnum opus from the engineers, with only 10 slides in back-up. The scribe dost believe there is a special circle in Hell reserved for originators of such works, coresident with traffic engineers from VDOT (that's Virginia Dept. of Transportation). Special pitchforks to those who produce briefs greater than 10mb -- you get the loop that has the engineers who designed the Springfield Interchange as your fellow travelers. Fear not, there is still time to repent of your evil ways. Remember the 10/20/30 Rule, or else...
(h/t: Chapomatic and enrevanche )