05 August 2006

The 'Conversation...'

It happens -- sooner or later it happens that those of us who have managed to maintain ownership of our sports/performance vehicles are approached by our better halves with the question:
"Hon...don't you think it's about time...?"

And followed with something about a "practical" car or one that doesn't cost so much to insure or one more in keeping with one's age, or...well, you get the picture. Usually it's not well heard the first time 'round because your high-frequency hearing spike from all those years on the flight line/flightdeck conveniently brackets the frequency she speaks in when discussing "the practical."

That or it's the fingers that suddenly get jammed in your ears...

So it was not too long ago that the Scribe was apprached by Mrs Scribe and the conversation went like this:

She said: Hon, the Mustang's 10 years old now, right?
Me: Umm, yeah (thinking, uh, oh, here it comes...)
She said: Well, I was thinking th..(sudden loud humming noise)
Me: Uh, what was that? Say Again?
She said: I said, maybe it's time to replace it with one of the '06s you've been drooling over, like maybe a convertible?
Me: ..........
She said: Did you hear me?
Me: (checking calendar to see if it was April 1) Uh, you're kidding, right?
She said: Nope, why don't we go see if there is something on the lot you might like?
Me: (desperately racking mind for something, ANYthing I forgot -- anniversaries, birthdays, etc...) Sure... (has to be a trap)
She said: And if we can't find an '06, why not order an '07
Me: ..........
But no -- after the years of RX-7s , Porsches and Mustangs (and only one "I told you so" -- the damn thing should've been painted this color for all the time it spent in the bleedin' shop...but that's another story) seems she'd finally accepted the Scribe's vice and became a closet fan of her own.

Two weeks later and this is on order -- Should be in around Labor Day, just in time for some quality top-down driving through the backroads of VA, just the missus and I....