27 March 2007


Turn around and you're two,
turn around and you're four,
Turn around, you're a young boy going out of my door

So. Some events are supposed to make one feel - older? Graduations, children moving along and the like. Yet, curiously some of us feel - energized, excited at the prospect of watching fledglings take wing. Such as when the neighbor's son your children grew up with, whom you watched progress in fits and starts through grade school and college, whose parents are closer than friends, even family and with whom you have shared the joys and heartbreak, wonder and consternation of incipient adulthood, pins on his wings and sets off for his chosen endeavor. That being CH-53Ds. In Hawaii.

*Sigh* Oh to be a freshly winged JO once again and headed off to your first squadron...

Congratulations to Marine Aviator, 1st LT Sean Jones, USMC upon his winging this past Friday. Pictures, I have been assured, are inbound... Doug & Debbie - ya done good and we're proud and overjoyed to be able to share in this with you!