22 March 2007

ONI 2007 Report on the People's Liberation Army Navy

The report is available for reading/download (PDF) here.

Don't go expecting to find deep insight into tactics/doctrine -- rather gives a general look at the organization, training, equipping, administration and routine operation of the PLAN. A worthwhile companion volume to the ONI report might be this one, a recently updated (7 Feb 2007) Congressional Research Service study on PLAN modernization. In the highlights section of that report it stipulates a primary option for improving USN capabilities in light of these modernization issues is, surprise, improving our shipbuilding. Something near and dear to many of our hearts, especially here and here. On that topic, the latest posts by the 'Phibian re. the sucking chest wound otherwise known as LCS are well worth reading. YHS personally likes the idea of license building the Swedish Visby and then ensuring it is commanded by an O-4.