06 March 2007

Postcards: 6 March 07

A feature wherein YHS dips into his photo-locker of some 40+ years.

YHS' VT-10 class, circa July 1978. Some of the more seasoned among us will recognize a few of the folks here, including some who are no longer with us. Yes, we were all wearing (ugh) black shoes and we have the token shoe aviation transfer present as well - see if you can spot him (*cough*shoehat*cough*). Good class and great group of folks to be with ... we also didn't take ourselves all that seriously:

*ahem* The 'Scribe would note for the record that summer '78 was the summer of the toga party (courtesy Animal House, which was also big with our class and the good lasses of Pensacola and neighboring environs). And no, YHS is not behind the camera either... and, uh, visors down for future deniability (like that could ever happen).