05 March 2007

EMCON Charlie

'twill be limited posting this week as YHS is on travel to the front range of the Rockies. Would that it were for pleasure -- instead three days in a windowless building divining the indecipherable... Flightdeck Friday may be a little early (like Thursday) for here and the Daily Briefing, but it shall be posted...

Oh and one other thought -- whilst YHS may have a greater reserve of patience than the regular airline passenger in enduring a multi-hour ground delay for maintenance, owing to time spent in his ground jobs in Naval Aviation Maintenance, his patience is sorely tried, American, when you tell him if he sprints to his connecting gate (over in the next county, btw) he can make his connector only to find upon arrival (a) the plane had left early but (b) they re-scheduled you. Two hours ago. And didn't tell the arriving gate attendant.