15 April 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Through the 2996 list this blog has been nominated for a "Thinking Blogger Award." As part of the acceptance we are to nominate up to five other blogs for the award.

Having been at this for about a year now (the old blog kicked off in Apr '06 and the new version, if I can abstain from hosing up my WordPress install, again, will air in time for Battle of Midway remembrances...) there are waaay more than 5 I can ID right off the bat. That said, the 5 I nominate are the 5 I've been reading the longest and daily challenge me in terms of quality of writing, breadth of view, civil approach to topics and commentators (save the occasional troll) and most importantly, depth of thought. These are the folks that set the bar on a recurring basis and whom YHS gladly nominates for a Thinking Blogger Award:

Envelopes (sorry, no checks) are inbound...