20 April 2007

Required Reading - 20 Apr 07 List

Today, without delay, you need to read these articles. Why? Beyond being the quality writing that these blogs are noted for, the indicated articles provide compelling reads for the issues that face us today.

  • Take this one for example. Fullbore Friday is always a great trip down the halls of naval history and usually revolves around a story of overcoming the odds and succeeding - heroically. Today's issue is replete with that heroism from unlikely quarters in the face of a truly evil enemy. Go now, read and take to heart the lesson learned.

  • Those who know YHS know that he does not suffer fools gladly. In fact, YHS believes there is a special circle in h*ll reserved for the deliberately, criminally stupid. There is one special subset though for whom he reserves the full weight of his fury - the so-called 9/11 "truthers." Fair warning - cross his path spewing your malformed idiocy and you will be verbally eviscerated. Bill, one of the most cogent writers (and proof that quality does not always equate with volume) has a masterful follow-on post to his "Seeing the Unseen" post from November last wherein he takes on some of the more notable conspiracy theories. We look forward to his commentary re. global warming...