05 December 2006

Valour-IT in Action: USS Frank Cable's Injured Sailors

( For all who chipped either effort or money or both at the fund drive for Valour-IT, this is the result of your dedication to supporting our troops and, in this case, the sailors in particular.)

Eight Sailors injured

SANTA RITA, Guam (Dec. 1, 2006) – Eight Sailors assigned to the repair ship USS Frank Cable, moored at Naval Base Guam, were injured during maintenance operations today as a result of a steam leak on the ship. The injured personnel have been transported to Naval Hospital Guam for further medical attention. Further details concerning the incident will be released as the details become available.

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How's Valour-IT involved? Read on:

To: Soldiers Angels


I can't get post or even read most of the BLOGS at work. I thought you might like to update BLACKFIVE on the sailors injured in the boiler explosion. Here is what I would like to say if you'd like to send it to them

Just wanted you to know Soldiers' Angels is on the ground in San Antonio and in an protective overwatch position & I am personally looking out for the injured sailors and their families. We will support them in any way we can as their treatment progresses. The families have arrived and are being tended by the staff and chaplains. Thanks to Blackfive and the other MIL Bloggers, Soldiers' Angels will be providing a new laptop for each of these six heroes as soon as they get out of the ICUs and we hope they will be blogging their story themselves very soon. Our prayers are with them and their families. Jim (LTC, Med Svc Corps, ret), Director, Medical Spt Ops Soldier's Angels.
(h/t: Curt)

If you're one of the folks who contributed time/dollars during the recent fund drive -- there you go, immediate feedback from your contribution. Remember, the work continues yearlong and donations are also accepted year long. If you feel so moved, hit the link over there on the port side and again, thank you for your contribution.