05 December 2006

TINS* Tuesday: Well, You See, Sir. . .

(From Dec 69 issue of Naval Aviation News)

The UH- 1 Iroquois helicopter slipped into and landed almost unnoticed at the outlying airfield. The only person aboard was the young pilot who climbed out and hurried away from the bird while it was still running. An instant later, the helicopter was observed approximately two feet off the ground and spinning rapidly, counter-clockwise. The pilot ducked just in time to avoid being decapitated by the tail rotor as it passed over him. He quickly turned and began running around the machine in the same direction it was rotating. After about one revolution, the frantic airman managed to scramble aboard the right front doorway of the still twirling helo, standing with his feet on the floor and holding on to the top of the doorway with both hands. Seconds later the bird descended to the ground still rotating. No damage was evident. Five minutes later, the pilot stated over the radio, that he knew what had happened and requested takeoff clearance. This was given and he immediately departed the area.

Holy mackerel! Fetch me another aspirin tablet. The only thing which kept this humorous story from being a tragedy is the fact that the guy got away with it. Wow! How close can you get?

Did you ever get outt’a your car, not set the hand brake and have it start to roll down the street? Embarrassin’ ain’t it? One item would have prevented all this – the CHECKLIST!