06 May 2007

Sunday Air Plan

Well -- nothing like a full afternoon/evening spent upgrading an OS to make your day complete - not. So far, looks like the it is working (fingers crossed).

Milblog conference was great - more for the sidebars than some of the panels. It was well worth the time/$'s to finally meet in person those with whom one has been conducting correspondence via blogs and email for the past year. In particular, met up with Curt (xformed - and congrats on winning the fabled Golden Laptop), Lex, Army Girl, FbL (and congrats on the much deserved recognition and awards for VALOUR-IT), Pinch, AW1 Tim, Mark (Eagle1), Black5, Noonan and Slab (even if they are *cough* VMI grads), John (Castle Argghh), Fred (Fred Fry International) and Murdoc.

OK - back to work now. With the exception of this coming Friday the next several days will be spent in a detailed examination of missile defense, call it Missile Defense 101. We'll lay the ground work with some basic terminology, ballistics and missile construction, follow with an examination of the threat then a break down of the individual elements of the BMDS and show how they are integrated into a layered defense. Goods and warts will be addressed and commented on as well. Why are we doing this? There is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there and this is one of the critical systems we will need in the years to come.

Also have several more installments of Reflections in various stages of completion - those will be posted over the coming weeks too.